Why WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple


  • 100% Court Approval Guaranteed
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Serving all of Washington State
  • Includes a FREE Phone Consultation and Email Access with a Washington State Licensed Attorney

Kurlin & Rimson created WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™, an affordable online divorce service with personal guidance and support from a Washington State licensed attorney, to help make the process easier and less costly.


  • Why pay an expensive hourly rate to collect information about your case? We provide you access to a secure client portal to complete a simple questionnaire. Then we review, prepare and deliver your documents for you to file in the Washington State county of your choice.


Figuring out divorce paperwork can be time-consuming and frustrating, even if you and your spouse agree on everything.


  • Even in an uncontested divorce, self-representation can feel like a complicated maze. At WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™, we have eliminated the stress of completing the paperwork and are here to guide you.


Do not be fooled by "document preparation" services where a non-attorney prepares your paperwork after you provide information to them.


  • Non-attorney document preparation services cannot answer questions about the information you submit even if it seems incomplete. Kurlin & Rimson provides Washington State family law representation through WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™.
  • We believe strongly in empowering self-represented people, and guiding them through the Washington State divorce process. That is why our quality online limited legal services are affordable and efficient. Our commitment is to best serve our limited legal representation clients by assisting and guiding them as they represent themselves in pursuit of their Washington State divorce.


The sole purpose of WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple is to support your self-representation and the agreements you and your spouse have reached.


At WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simpe we strive to provide the most reliable, convenient, comprehensive and easy-to-use online divorce services with the lowest possible prices, and without compromising service. Below is a brief overview on how we compare to other services available:






Washington State Licensed Attorneys NO
Secure Portal
? ?
Attorney Prepared
Phone Call
With Attorney
Cost For Divorce
With No Kids

ONLY $349

(or 2 payments of $200)

Cost For Divorce
With Kids

ONLY $499

(or 2 payments of $275)