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The decision to divorce often follows hard work. Some couples may participate in counseling, and others may have a separation period before making a final decision. For others, the decision can be a quicker one. There are as many reasons for divorce as there are couples getting one.


When the decision to divorce is finally made, a couple must decide what process they are going to use. Will they work with a mediator? Will each hire a divorce attorney? Will one spouse pay alimony or maintenance? How much child support will have to be paid? Is it possible to figure out how to file a divorce on your own? Our attorneys support our clients in the way that best fits their needs. We can represent you through the uncontested divorce process after you and your spouse have reached agreement on your own or after you’ve worked with a mediator. We can provide you with the instructions to file your own divorce, or we can handle all of the paperwork with the court for you. We want you to own your divorce. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make the process as easy as possible.




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