How It Works


WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ is an easy 3-Step online divorce service offered by Kurlin & Rimson, PLLC for couples who have reached an agreement on all issues, and who intend to represent themselves when they file and finalize their divorce.


STEP 1 : Qualify and Begin Your Divorce

Once you qualify and sign up for our service you will complete the online questionnaire inside your own personal and secure client portal.


The questionnaire will take approximately 30-90 minutes to complete depending on the amount of property and debts you have, and if you have or don't have children.


There is no need to finish immediately. Your data can be saved when you log out, and your file will remain open for up to six months.


With our easy to navigate questionnaire you can answer questions in any section and in any order. With our section progress bar you will always know how close you are to completing the process.


You will also be able to email one of our attorneys through your secure client portal.


Once you complete the questionnaire you will submit your file for review by one of our licensed Washington State attorneys.


STEP 2 : We Review and Prepare your Documents

Once you have submitted your information, one of our licensed Washington State attorneys will be assigned, and will review and prepare your divorce documents within 48 hours (Mon - Fri). Your documents will then be delivered via your private and secure client portal.


At any time during the process, you can email us through your secure client portal, and schedule your attorney phone consultation with one of our licensed Washington State attorneys.


Our attorneys provide valuable support and information that can only be provided by an attorney licensed to practice law in Washington State.


Once your questions are answered and your documents are finalized you will be ready to print and file!


STEP 3 : Print and File

After your attorney has confirmed the information you submitted is complete and your documents are prepared, you will receive a notification to log into your client portal. If you prefer to receive a hard copy of your documents, then we can print them and send them to you via US Postal Priority Mail for $15.00.


Along with your documents, you will receive a checklist and step by step instructions for filing your Washington State divorce in the county of your choice.


A court filing fee is required in all divorce cases, whether you are represented by an attorney or not. Filing fees (currently $314) are paid directly to the Clerk of the Court in the county where you file, and they are in addition to the cost of our service. You will pay the fee when you file your divorce documents at the clerk's office.


If you’d like for us to file your documents for you, then that is a service we can also provide for an additional fee. This option is a good one if you know with certainty that you will have no further issues to address in your divorce. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about this option.


Most divorces can be finalized in about ninety days. Each county has its own process for setting a hearing date to finalize your case. We will provide details about your county in the Filing Instructions you receive with your documents.


If your divorce paperwork is rejected by the court for any reason, then if you choose to make the necessary changes we will make those adjustments free of charge.