Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know the paperwork you prepare will be accepted in my county?

At Kurlin & Rimson we guarantee that the paperwork we prepare for you through WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ will conform to the rules and requirements of the Washington State county in which you are filing for divorce. If a court does not accept the paperwork we prepare for you then we will correct your paperwork at no cost to you.


Can I use WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ if I have minor or dependent children?

Yes, our WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ service is available for divorcing spouses who have children, so long as the spouses are in agreement on all issues related to their children including the residential schedule that will be included in their Parenting Plan and all matters related to child support. The telephone consult we offer is often used to discuss issues related to children.


What if my spouse and I are in agreement on all issues, but we still need some help figuring out some things?

Because WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ is a service provided by licensed Washington State attorneys, we can talk with you and help craft the language that best describes your agreement. An attorney telephone consult is included in our flat rate fee. For example, if you and your spouse know that you want to sell your house and then split the proceeds equally, we can provide you with ideas regarding language you may want to use in your paperwork to best describe your agreement. If you and your spouse know that you want the children to reside with each of you equally but you don't want a "week on/week off" schedule, we can share with you many other options.


After paying for the WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ service, will I have to pay anything else to get my divorce complete?

There are no hidden or additional charges that you'll have to pay us. The only amount you will pay us is $349 or 2 payments of $200 each (for a divorce with no minor children) or $499 or 2 payments of $275 (for a divorce with minor children of the spouses). You will, however, have to pay the filing fee to the court, which is approximately $314 in most Washington State counties. In many counties, you will have to pay an additional amount of about $30 when finalizing your divorce. The court filing fee is paid directly to the court, is required in all cases, and is separate from any payment to us.


How is WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ different from the non-attorney document preparation sites?

Washington State law is very clear. If a non-attorney is assisting you with the preparation of your divorce documents, that person cannot give you legal advice. It's questionable if they can even talk with you at all. A non-attorney is not permitted to point errors out to you, and they can't make any changes.


Recently, Washington State has created an opportunity for experienced paralegals to take coursework to become limited legal technicians. These individuals can provide more information than if they didn't have this designation; however, it is not the same as the experience achieved through more than twenty years of actual family law legal representation. On many occasions when reviewing submitted information, our attorneys have been able to point out red flags that, once changed, have increased the likelihood that judges will accept the agreements reached.


WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ is a service provided by experienced Washington State attorneys.


How is WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ different from the other attorney online sites?

Kurlin & Rimson is committed to the online delivery of quality legal services. While we continue to handle traditional Washington State divorce cases, we will NEVER provide anything other than the services available through WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ to any of our limited legal representation clients. If we must tell someone that WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple is not a good fit for them, we will not look to benefit financially from that changed need. If requested, we will look to help that individual find appropriate professionals to work with them, but we will never represent them in any adversarial matters. We take pride in helping our clients successfully meet their legal needs in the most efficient and economical way, and we want people to know that this isn't a "bait and switch" situation.


What if one of us is or both of us are in the military?

If you or your spouse is in the military and Washington State is your residence, then you can divorce in Washington State. This is true even if you are currently stationed in another state or country.


In order to divorce in Washington State, is it required that we were married in Washington State?

In order to divorce in Washington State, you are not required to have married in Washington State.


How do I know that the personal information I provide will be secure?


At Kurlin & Rimson, we know how important it is to keep your information safe and secure. It is our highest priority to ensure the information you provide is safe and secure. Our WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ service platform uses the latest security and encryption techniques to protect every interaction you have with us.


You will have login access to a private and secure client portal as part of the WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ service.


This secure access allows you to provide us information about your case using an easy step by step questionnaire, privately communicate with the attorney assigned to your account, and retrieve your final documents and filing instructions.


We never send personal information or your divorce documents through regular email. When your documents are ready, you will be notified to log into your private client portal and retrieve your documents.


Why would I want a service that includes the attorney telephone consult?


When developing the WASHINGTON Divorce Made Simple™ service, we decided an option that includes an attorney telephone consult could be very helpful.


Having worked on, literally, thousands of divorce cases over the last twenty-plus years, we know it's important that your divorce paperwork clearly states your agreements.


By offering the telephone consult as part of the service, we can discuss your case and assist you with language that may help you avoid problems.


We have also found people simply like having the ability and opportunity to talk with their attorney.


Once I file my uncontested divorce case with the court, how long until I am actually divorced?


In most counties in Washington State, you can complete your uncontested divorce case and have a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage in a little more than 90 days.


The majority of this timeframe is due to a Washington State divorce law that requires you to wait at least 90 days before the case is finalized. In most counties, it may take a little longer to schedule your final hearing with the judge. When we prepare your paperwork, we will provide you with the documents you need - and step by step instructions to follow - to complete your divorce as quickly as possible in the county you've chosen.